Since its establishment, the institute has aimed to enhance its academic communication with other international research institutes and originations. So far, the institute and its centers have conducted very fruitful international cooperation and collaboration.


The Center for Translation and Intercultural Studies will continue to enhance its academic cooperation and exchange with the Center for Translation and Intercultural Studies at the University of Manchester, and strive to make new contacts with other research institutions and organizations. With regard to translation teaching and co-training of students of MTI (Master of Translation and Interpreting), the Center will further conduct an all-round cooperation with Monterey Institute of International Studies in the United States and the University of Melbourne in Australia. By drawing on invaluable experience from them in teaching materials, teaching models and evaluation mechanism, the Center aims to cultivate foreign language talents with an international vision. By promoting concept of mutual-learning between domestic and international students, the Center sets out to encourage the mobility of our students with a policy of “Bringing In and Going Out”. In order to promote Chinese fine culture, conduct academic resources exchange and give full play to translation as a bond in foreign cultural exchanges, the Center invites foreign language translation experts and foreign students with a strong interest in Chinese language and culture to join us.


In November 2016, research collaboration was built with the Martin Centre for Appliable Linguistics, Center for Knowledge-Building, the University of Sydney, to conduct in-depth researches in the two fields of SFL and LCT for development of these two theories.

In May 2016, a partnership was established between Martin Center and Lampung University, Indonesia. A memorandum of understanding was signed. The two sides intend to develop exchanges and cooperation in education linguistics. Martin Center will send teachers to Lampung University and teach training courses to English teachers in Lampung Province.

Martin Center continues to receive overseas visiting scholars, visiting professors and postdoctoral researchers whose research interest are functional linguistics or forensic linguistics.


The Center for Corpus Linguistics aims to conduct cooperation with some internationally reputable universities or academic research groups such as the Center for Applied Linguistics in Warwick University, the Center for Corpus Research in Birmingham University, the Sociolinguistic Laboratory in the University of Ottawa, the English Department of Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and so on. In cooperation with these research organizations, we are to conduct the following researches as the development of academic spoken English corpus, corpus linguistics, language change and variation, corpus-driven academic English, and so on.


The Speech-Language-Hearing Center has established successful partnership with the Department of Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences at University of Minnesota (Twin Cities) in the neurological exploration of language disorders. It has also carried out research projects on speech perception difficulties in children and old adults in close collaboration with the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders at University of Texas (Austin). In addition, the center works closely with several universities in Germany to develop computer aided speech prosody teaching system, and had active cooperation with institutions enjoying high prestige in the USA to develop speech databases.

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